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MARS Virtual Schooling System

MARS Virtual School is Pakistan's first international online school.

MARS Virtual School is Pakistan's first 100% digital school which educates students from different countries of the World.

  • Curriculum:

       MARS Virtual School follows the British Curriculum and focuses on STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, Arts and Mathematics) based education in all grade levels.

  • Class Platform:

       Our highly qualified teachers take LIVE classes via Zoom platform and use a vide range of digital learning tools to help the students learn effectively while enjoying the learning process.

  • Timings:

       The School timings are set to be in the morning hours and may vary according to different countries/ time zones.

Usual timings for Pakistan are from 9:00 A.M. till 1:00 P.M.

For Admission Inquiries and detailed information regarding the School, contact us at: +92 317 2890032 OR +971 50 948 3174

To book a FREE demo session of the School, please click here.

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