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Game Master

  • 12Weeks

Course Information

COURSE DETAILS: Class Schedule: 2 classes per Week Class Duration: 1 hour Class Class platform: Zoom Video Conferencing COURSE FEE: 3,000/- PKR per Month. (For Pakistani students.) $30 per Month. (For International students). *20% discount for siblings and group registration.* COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will mainly help children of ages (8- 14 years/ Grades 2-8) to learn game development and coding skills. This course will help establish a strong base for understanding essential programming concepts, game development techniques and principles. Following are some of the key concepts covered in the course: ● Game development techniques and principles ● Block-based coding with ReadyMaker ● 3D games based on 3D physics and effects LEARNING OUTCOMES: This program will enable students to ● Improve their game development abilities and increase confidence in Coding. ● Increase creativity and design skills. ● Understand coding concepts and 3D game visualization. ● Develop problem-solving skills and think critically. ● Score desired grades in their computer class.

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